Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Grand Dead Dames

Thought I would share a few things I've been working on for the shop.

It's my Grand Dead Dames.... a series of great ladies...that are Dead!!! I was inspired by my love of Historical Fiction and the t.v. series "1,000 Ways To Die".

I had lots of fun creating these.

Esmerelda Ozera

Gladys Oberbeck

* ♥ * SOLD * ♥ *

BORN: 12-28-1890
DIED: 12-24-1912

Happy that her birthday was just a few days away, Gladys had planned for an elaborate Christmas party, complete with old-fashioned candle lights on her magnificent fir tree. But with all the party preparations, Gladys had forgotten to water her fir tree regularly. So when she lighted all the candle lights, they soon started a small fire on the dried out tree, spreading faster than Gladys could say "Eggnog".

Poor Gladys, her Christmas dreams went up in smokes.

Desdemona Guler

* ♥ * SOLD * ♥ *

Born: 11-27-1847
Died: 5-25-1870

Desdemona loved to read. One day, while on her way to the weekly book club meeting, she happened to come across some late blooming summer flowers. When she placed her book bag down on the ground while she gathered some flowers to take with her to the meeting, she unknowingly disturbed a nest of African Killer bees. Sadly, Desdemona was unable to escape her attackers and she perished with her bookbag in hand. The bookclub selection was "Hamlet" and Desdemona was fond of the phrase "To be, or not to be..." she just never realized it would become her undoing.

You can all of the ones for sale here

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