Thursday, June 6, 2013

A Few Finds and Lots of Color

HA!! Finally trying to get back into blogging and my computer starts acting up today. Not sure if there is a problem with my computer or Google....all my other websites are working fine, but when I try to do anything with Google, it freezes up. I am having to use my son's computer to finish up this blog post. Since it was being so difficult, I decided to stop for a few minutes and snap some pictures of my finds and some items that I need to list on Etsy. As soon as I stepped started raining!! Maybe one of those days where I just need to go back to bed and start all over again!!

Have I ever mentioned I LOVE color. The pieces pictures above will be listed in my shop soon   

The flowerpots were purchased at a yard sale for $5....I will be keeping these at the front door!! Can't wait for the geraniums to burst into bloom!! 

Here are some finds...the the little French Bull dog belong to one of my grandmothers. I love the fact that instead of tossing him, she glued his two front legs back. Now I know where I got my gluing skills!!  

The tea cups belonged to my grandmother. I hope to participate in a little on-line tea party soon and have started looking for props. 

Venus and the oil painting were found at two local resale shops

And a beautiful ending to a little thunderstorm we had yesterday evening. But as I am typing this, it is getting VERY dark again outside...some storms are on the way!! Hope everyone stays safe. 

~♥~ XoXo ~♥~


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