Thursday, March 11, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 10

Okay, I was having issues with this project. I started planning this one a week ago, but due to some other things couldn't really get started on it until Wednesday. And for a project to sound SO took me ALL DAY! Then last night I tried to quickly get a post in before having to start dinner. Of course I get a message like: "Exhausted Battery" from my camera so I couldn't get all the pictures uploaded, therefore I couldn't complete the post. But this morning I got a few extra pictures in and along with a good nights rest, I ready to complete this post and contemplate whether or not I'm happy with the results...still undecided. I'll get you be the judge.

For this weeks' project, I wanted to start making some decoupaged Easter Eggs.

I purchased a package of large eggs from the dollar store.

Then I pulled out a vintage school text book...1963.

Having three half-full bottles of glue, I proceeded to make my own decoupaged medium. I flipped through the book to find appropriate text. This actually was what took most of the morning, finding the right words. And then the tedious task of painting on the glue paste, and wrapping the egg. It took a lot longer than I thought!!!

I have been tea-dying some vintage lace and saved my "formula" in the frig. I wanted a grungier look to the eggs, so they got a dip into the "formula"!!

And this is where I'm not sure if I'm happy with the results. The tea-dye was uniform like I had pictured in my mind, seemed to become darker along the edges. Hummm....

This is the batch last night.

And here they are this morning. I think after letting them dry overnight, they are looking a little better. It has been storming here and very humid so they took awhile to dry.

Now here is a picture of one egg that hasn't been aged. Honest opinion here...

which do you like better?

This was still a fun project. One of the eggs I covered with text from "Beowulf". I layered the text with the words "Dane" on top, thinking my son would think it was interesting to have an egg with his name on it. When I showed it to him, his replay was "Cool" and keep building with his Lego's. Dang kids LOL!!! But he did say that he liked the "old-looking" eggs. He is my son, after all!!!!

I'm still toying with the idea of rubbing a little glitter on these to maybe soften the aged effect.

It looks like we are in for another stormy day, so my trip to the post office and grocery store might wait. I love driving the Camaro, but not when the roads are flooded. It's a Muscle Car and I would need a 4-wheel drive to get around in some of these parts! So the little one and I might be playing today. Plus I've started a really good book, and days like this are good for sitting in the bed reading!!

Thanks for joining me in the delayed edit of Artful Thursday! Now I'm off to see all the other wonderful participants!



  1. They are gorgeous!I love the aged ones so much.Very vintage!

  2. love these.
    i prefer the
    dyed eggs, myself.
    and i think
    glitter would
    be beautiful!

  3. I like the aged look, for some reason it looks way better to me than the plain white one. Maybe because when you see decopauged (hope I spelled that right) eggs in stores, they seem to have the aged look. I am surprised you did it on plastic eggs, I would have never thought of decopauging on plastic.

  4. Actually, I like them both...and further more? I like them all together like that. The contrast is really neat. Have you thought of doing some in really light colors? Like with water colors? That may be interesting too...

  5. I think I prefer the second one although they are both very cool. Great idea- I just might try this.

  6. I have to pick the tea/coffee stained ones for sure. I just made up a batch of these too and will show soon...thanks for the nice comment on my brooch.