Thursday, March 25, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 12

I had to do a quick project this week, but I am happy to announce that I did complete 2-two-dos items off my monumental PUC List (Projects Under Construction). And tomorrow, both of these items will be for sale at Grace Goods.

I have had both of these for years, and I mean y-e-a-r-s! Longer than I've been married, and that will be 8 years this June. :0) Both are vintage chalk ware items.
The first one is of the Madonna and Child. I had the camera on an inside setting, so forgive the picture. It was a gold color, but not appealing at all.

The second one is a chalk ware shelf, and again, a gold color that did nothing for the beautiful design of the shelf.

At least this one gives you a better idea of the color.

And again, I apologize for 1) lack of steps during this process and 2) the wrong setting on my camera. Just be glad I got something done, okay? LOL!!

I used a primer to cover the old gold color and then gave the whole piece a nice coat of white. I believe the color is "Fine White" by Martha Stewart from K-Mart. Again, something else I have had around for forever.

Once I got the base coat put on, I got to play! This was all the supplies I used: Two different bottles of craft paint: a white and a creamy beige color. A rag, two paint brushes and some leftover color glaze in Mocha. I just started dry brushing the two shades of white and then when almost dry applying the glazed. Then I would rub off any excess until I got a look I liked. It was simple but time consuming.

Finished results

I'm very happy with the results! So happy, that I'm tempted to maybe, just maybe, keep one...or both. But no, I've already had to take one item out of the shop this week due to buyers remorse. So, these two little beauties will be up for sale tomorrow. And this also completes my Artful Thursday project for the week.

Happy Thursday!



  1. You are doing good Kristal- I am still working on my artful thursday. Your projects are great.

    Wishing you happy moments :)

  2. girl you are the re-do queen. These came out wonderfully...If you have time come by and see my artful thursday project this week,

    have a great weekend
    embellishments by tina