Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Still Searching....

We are still on the search of a home to call ours in the new town. It can be SO Frustrating! But I keep telling myself that the right thing will come along...and trying to believe it!! I did find this one:

Property Description

LUSH ROLLING PASTURES. Master bedroom + 2 Bedrooms on main floor. Upstairs rec room with pool table & theater system to remain. Kitchen with granite countertops and stainless steel appliances. Large screened back porch with hot tub. Pond and 3 stall barn. Public water-integrated system and security system. Additional 11 acres available. $525,000.

Does anyone have 523K I can borrow? I think we can swing the other 2K!! I'll give you the email address to my Paypal account if anyone would like to make a donation...LOL!!! Could you IMAGINE?

Sorry, lost in a daydream there for a minute...

Thought I would share some of the things we did this past week during Spring Break. Next time, I will put my order in early for nice, warm weather during Spring Break instead of the wintry, cold, wet weather that we had.

A few years back I got on the Paint-By-Number kick and my Mamma bought a few new kits for me to do. Now that I am participating in the Artful Thursday Project, I thought I would pull some out and play with them. I had helpers.

I think he is trying to paint while eating a chocolate Poptart!

Needless to say, the enthusiasm lasted for a short while. This thing is HARD!!! The areas are so tiny ! I'm still working on it a little each day, but I think the next time I can get to the craft store, I'm gonna cheat and buy some nice, felt-tipped markers!!!

And while Big Brother and I played with paints, someone else was playing also.

See the cabinet...

Open the door...

And there is Gracyn!!!

She can definitely keep herself occupied with the darndest things.

I have some new items in the shop. Drop in and take a gander. I finally looks like we might have a nice day after all. I have a few more painting projects I need to get finished today. I think my time tomorrow will be spent house-searching, so as the old saying goes, Make hay while the sun shines!!!!



  1. THAT is such a handy place to keep the girl! giggle...that house is lovely, but isn't it a bit pricey for this economy? I mean...it doesn't even come with the extra 11 acres! As if...

  2. That house sounded perfect.....until you showed us the price. YIKES! Love that pic. of your little one. Too cute. You can show it to her when she's about 16 and see what she thinks about it then. :)

  3. Good luck with the house hunting! I had to do that 2 years ago. I don't envy you moving - I hate to move. I can't even imagine moving to a new town. Adorable kids!

  4. Dear Kristal,
    Your perfect home will come to you at the right time. Then, you'll be happy you waited.
    Your children are adorable, truly! Have you met Tina? http://our6blessings.blogspot.com/ Think you two have a lot in common !! ;-)