Thursday, April 22, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 15

Okay, this week was a little crazy. At least I did get something done. It was more of a One-Thing-Leads-To-Another sort of project.

Recently, I discovered the Queen of Tarte. Love Her!!! And I fell in love with this color scheme:

I was thinking about using these colors on our mantel and had been searching around the house for anything that would fit it. Then with the up-coming Artful Thursday I tried to think of something I could make that would suffice for both purposes.

Awhile back I tried my hand at making some of these:
(following pictures were taken from the internet)

I had done the single stem flowers and was wanting to try the multiple-flower stems. I happened upon this great site:

Button Flower Tutorial

This is a better tutorial than I could ever give you. And considering I'm still a little unorganized right now, trust me on this!

I really didn't mean to do "flowers" again, but hey, it works!!

I stuffed the bottle with some pages from an old book. I have seen this used a lot lately, but don't own a paper shredder. So I used my trusty little paper cutter. A little time-consuming, but it works!

Full view of the mantel

Vintage Yellow Button flowers

I love my green Mercury Glass candleholders! Just need some yellow candles and I'll be all set!

My coffeefilter flowers from previous Artful Thursday. And my funny little gargoyle. Yeap, he's sticking his tongue out at'cha!

Decorating Lesson 501: When you don't have enough items to complete a color theme, use ANYTHING that will work (old champagne bottles!)

I wanted to take more pictures, but now that I have found my camera, the battery died. And I don't know where the charger is!! **sigh** Always something~LOL!!

Hope you enjoyed this weeks Artful Thursday. And Happy Earth Day!


  1. I really like your button flowers! I can picture a glarland made much the same way....

  2. Thanks for the link to the button flower tutorial! I need to try my hand at these! Yours look wonderful!

  3. Love the button flowers! and you're right - the bottles look great up there, too.