Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thrifting and Junking

Within a few days of us moving into our new neighborhood, I happened to drive by a house with a large pile of trash at the curb. Since I was born with a trained eye to spot treasures in other peoples' junk, I saw a few things that caught my attention. This 'second sense' that I possess drives my Sweet Husband BATTY!!! But, I think he is finally getting an understanding of what makes me tick (you'd think after 10 years, this would have already been done, but he can be a little hardheaded sometimes, unlike me :0)

I really was only going to grab a few things...but as I started grabbing, more seemed to appear for nowhere...they were like the Tribbles from Star Trek...I finally stopped when I no longer had room in the trunk. Nor the backseat. Or the carseat. I had the kids' walk home. ( JUST KIDDING!)
But I did end up with a little over 30 fabric swatch books!!! Mostly upholstery fabric, but some nice stuff. Some from Schumacher.

Now I've been racking my brain for ideas as to what I can do with all this fabric. I did have a few ideas. But I want to show you the finished project, so give me a few more days. But even with that, I still will have loads more fabric. So if you have ever made anything using one of this books or know of something I could make using scraps, please let me know :0)

After that episode, we no long have a second car. So I can not go riding around the neighborhood looking at the trash, only the next-door neighbors. So on Charlies' last off day, I happened to use my Female Powers, and after a stop at the Home Improvement Store, we pulled into a local thrift store.

Some nice vintage sheets and pillow cases

The COOLest Vintage fabric!

Like I didn't already have enough, but this are nice, large pieces. Big enough for things like little girls' dresses or maybe even a cute little purse.

I love this one with the ironing board!

I got all of this, plus a beautiful white vase and little plate, for under $6. Not bad for a 10 minute shopping trip. Cause, even though Hubby drove me, he and Gracyn sat in the car. Which was fine with me, because Gracyn can be a bit of a handful, especially when my concentration is focused on other things. She goes 90 to nothing and then....

Night Night!!!!


  1. Oooh, love that bunny fabric! And your Schumacher find is fabbo. I once bought a whole roll of their chintz at a yard sale for two bucks...

  2. you were asking about what to use the fabric swatch books for...well, i cut out the fabric, turn them into purses and then, the little spine of the book that is left with a wee bit of fabric on it is like a brush or broom...i do silversmtihing and instead of a wisk broom, i use these book spines with the fabric that is left on them (cuz i usually can't get the screws out to get all the fabric off) so i cut it off with scissors! anyway, i love the fabric for making my purses that i'm going to sell on etsy and i have plenty of little brooms, crumb sweepers, dusters etc. with what's left! two ways of recycling! have fun with yours.