Thursday, April 29, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 16

This project was a few weeks in the works (well, actually a little more than that, but it was a project that is finally completed!)

Back when we lived in Florida, I was riding around one day and spotted a treasure aka: junk. See my previous post for my unique abilities! I snagged this cool piece of old wood and brought it home, much to my husband's great joy!!

We've moved twice since then and I carried this piece of wood with me each time. And this is a thick, heavy piece of wood. It takes both hands to pick it up. Then about a year ago, while visiting family in Mobile, I was in Hobby Lobby and found this iron brackets on the sale isle. They were white at the time. Before starting Artful Thursday, I had already painted them black. They still needed something 'more'.

Again, sorry for lack of pictures. But I decided they needed to be "aged" (kinda like me). So I went in search of how to rust items. Basically, salt and water. Let it dry and then do it all again. I know you can buy the paint that looks like rust, but when you are doing things on a budget, you tend to try to find cheap ways of doing things!

Yesterday, I got the wood out of the garage and gave it a good brushing and wiped it down with some warm water.

Of course, I had some help!!

After debating about exactly where to hang the shelf, I finally decided in my studio. I in real need of extra storage space, so this room won the prize. But I have a perfect place for another one, so I'll be keeping my eyes open for another piece of wood!

Checking to make sure Mamma is straight..

And it's done!!

Finally, a good close up of my RUST

There is actually fungus growing on the wood!!!

More rust

Love the old nails still in the wood

A little vignette (my green teapot that I couldn't bring myself to sell!)

Not sure how "Artful" this is, but I am totally happy with my accomplishment! I had put this off for a bit because at first I was going to have Hubby cut off the broken ends of the wood, but yesterday I decided that I loved it just the way it was. And thought I could tackle measuring and screwing the screws into the wall. And I did it! Oh, I'm ready for another one ~ LOL!!!

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Happy Thursday!


  1. It's just perfect!!!!! You couldn't pay someone to make a piece of wood so perfectly aged!

  2. Totally inspired! I just adore it, and it adds so much to the wall...

  3. I really like this - a lot! But how much salt to the water - does it matter?

  4. I love it! Looks like it really paid off big time to hang onto that piece of wood. What a great shelf!

  5. Very nice- I love the thick chunky wood.