Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New Projects

Wanted to share a few new projects I've been busy working on. I have another one, but you will have to wait until September 1st (or a few days later) to see it, as I'm using it for Gitter Done #4.

I have been collecting vintage books for a really long time and have started seeing so many things made from them. Had to try my hand at one of the wreaths.

I had so much fun making the first one, I made a second one for our bedroom.

Back during July when I was cross stitching a little piece for the holiday, Dane had picked out a piece that he really liked. I stored the information away and wanted to surprise him at Christmas with a handmade gift from me. So I purchased the fabric and some new thread colors for this piece. Since the original charted was written before any of the new colors came out, I decided to plan out my own color combo. I made an error with the greys. I purchased "Dolphin" and "Dove" but after holding them up with the others, I want to try again. They have too much blue in them for my taste. I'll need to place another order and try again. But I love the fabric ~ 28 count Relic Lugana!!

And finally, a little bounty from my one little tomato plant that is in a pot two sizes too small!

And I even have a few more blooms on it, hopefully I might get a few more fruit!

Hope your week is starting off good. Hard to believe tomorrow is a new month! Goodness, this year has certainly been flying along.



  1. Oh my the wreath is soo adorable.Ive been looking at rag wreaths to possibly make but this is so much prettier.Do you have instructions for these??Wow I would love to make one.I think though the vintage paper is what makes it.Im not sure I have vintage books.Let me know please.Thanks!

    Have a great Wednesday ahead!

  2. My goodness what a beautiful wreath...love it - love both...I have been planning on making one too...but looks hard...well can't wait to see your other project...