Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Source of Inspiration

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Inspiration. It can come from so many different places and in many different forms. I think some of my best ideas came for taking long, hot showers. Then there are the times that inspiration hits in the most unlikely place, where I can't find a piece of paper or pencil to jot it down. So I've taken to carrying my dayplanner with me everywhere. I know we live in an age where everything is going to electronic devices, but for me, nothing beats scribbling on a piece of paper with a pencil, some mighty idea that has just popped into my head.

I have recently been working on doing a makeover in our bedroom. Or maybe I should rephrase, finally Getting to our bedroom. With all the moving, sometimes it becomes quite depressing to spend so much energy in prettying things up, when you know that you will eventually move again one day. It could be 2 years from now, or it could be next month. But I've slowly come to realize, that with the right about of items, (not too many, not too few), you can carry most any ambiance with you anywhere you live. So I have embarked on creating the look and feel I wish my home to portray, and in the event that one day, I luck up and happen to live here:

we can move right in and feel at home!

So, where do you get your inspiration from? Other blogs, magazines, television, or some favorite artist or decorator? Maybe Mother Nature herself is your greatest form of inspiration. You must admit, she has a stunning array of colors to offer, her own private box of Crayons. And she has humor, however much we disagree with it sometimes.

Inspiration for me can come in many different places. From the crumbled up piece of paper to a leaf fluttering down from a tree. Trash is a good source of inspiration for me, just because it forces me to think outside the box and find a solution to the problem of "What in the world can I do with THIS?"

And Flickr. I just love looking at all the creativity and inspiration there. You can see some of my favorites here.

August so far has been full of inspiration. I am working on a few things right now, hoping to have some wonderful things to share with you soon. And I have been slowly adding new items to the shop, be sure to stop in a say "Hi".

And may you Be Inspired


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  1. Inspiration! Get that from all you ladies out her in blogland. What I need is motivation. And a faster computer! Ha! I'm taking a 2 week trip soon and am sure to get way behind in my blog reading.

    Wow, school starts so early for you guys, hope the kids, and you, have a great year.