Monday, August 2, 2010

July Review

Wow, I can not believe that July is over. That school starts next week. That this year is just flying by so fast!

Since I didn't seem to blog quite as much as I wanted for the month, I thought I would do a quick little review of the month.

4th of July

I actually never play with the settings on my camera. However, since we were sitting in the grass, waiting on the fireworks, I started playing around with a few of the on photo settings

I love this one with Dane's one eye-ball!!

We had a birthday in the family. On July 28, 2003, we adopted Indy from the Animal Shelter in Longview, Texas. And after numerous excursions and adventures, he's still around and a loved member of this family!

Dane's Sunflowers

Definitely want to save some seeds from this one.

And what's July without ICE CREAM??!!

Hope you had a Great July! Summer is almost over ...time to start thinking about Fall. (And with the temperatures in the 100's, I'm ready for some cooler weather!)


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  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG- I used to LIVE IN LONGVIEW!!!! ahhhahahaaa! that's right sweetheart- Texan Born and breed! YeeeeHAAAaWW!
    i didn't think i would ever run into another person on this side of the planet that knew it existed- much less adopted from there!
    i can't believe you start school next week! we dont start till Sept.7! boy are we lucky!
    your sunflowers are lovely . jealous! and. thank you very much- i now have this insane craving for a bannan split! i just lost 5 lbs- and i'm blaming you for the 2 i'm gonna gain back!!!