Sunday, August 22, 2010

Repurposed Platter

Back in the day (like a million years ago) I was really into wearing earrings. Loved 'em. Was even know to wear two earrings in one ear hole! And of course, I had a pair for almost every outfit I owned. And every Holiday. But then, Life happened. Not exactly sure when, but most definitely after the birth of my first child, earrings and fashion were NOT in my Top List of Priorities.

But things have a way of coming Full Circle. Now, I'm wanting to become "Me" again. And I feel that by finding this person, I'll be a better "Me" for my kids and my great Husband. So, I've slowing be working on little things. And one of those is finding a style that suites me NOW. And I found out that I still love earrings. But I also have found out that if things are tucked into a box or in a drawer, they aren't going to get used.

Then the "Ah-ha" moment.

I have been slowing redecorating our Master Bedroom and trying to work in things that I love. I had this silver platter and had used it for various things, but nothing ever really fit.

Then I saw a post by one of my new blogging friends, Susanne, and it gave me the idea to figure out a way to make a hanger for the platter. Just taking some simple wire, I cut a piece and twisted it through the edges and made a hanger.

At first, I was just happy to hang it on the wall. But then the Best Idea Ever popped into my head!

The little grill-work was PERFECT for hanging earrings (or Earbobs, as my grandfather, Papa, calls them)!!

I love this now! It's right beside my closet and as soon as I get dressed, I can quickly look to my platter and pick out a matching pair of earring! Now, I just need to add more!

I have been thinking of a great way to hang up my necklaces.

I have some major plans for my chest of drawers. Hoping to have this project finished for Gitter Done #4.

Since this is my favorite project so far, I'm linking up with Donna at Funky Junk for her Saturday Nite Special! Yeah, my first one!!

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  1. Oh, what a clever idea! Perfect use for that piece!

  2. What a wonderful idea! I love it...and now you can see all your jewels in one look. I hang necklaces from mirrors, picture frames, knobs...anything. It makes things prettier and then I can grab and go!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Hope you get a chance to make the thread catcher. Also- I'm a HUGE fan of your re-purposed items. I love doing that stuff!