Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Starting to Look Like...



But at least they are a very pretty shade of yellowish gold.

I guess it's also the time to throw junk out.

So you know what I've been doing.

Rescuing said "junk" (can you hear the Hubby groan?)

Pink chair (notice how WELL it blends in with red carpet - LOL!)

One-legged rocking chair

A poor abandoned decoy. If it's any kind of animal, real or not, I'll be rescuing it.

And the one I'm most excited about, yet the one that I have no CLUE what I'm going to do with.

A cool wooden crate with a pallet-style bottom. There are two rows of sides and each side comes off and collapses. Cool!

And I just have to say a few personal words. Yeah, I know this is a blog and it's all mine and I can say pretty much anything I want, yet I know no one likes to hear (or read) about people's sad, boring lives. About their once-in-a-blue-moon personal little meltdowns. Well, you'll read about that now. Because I had one today. A meltdown. Not going to bore you with all the dirty little tid-bits, but it's wasn't fun. And I'm still trying to rise above it. And I would so love to talk to my Momma, yet she has a little to do with said depression. Because I haven't talked to her in almost a month. Because I'm too embarrassed to talk to her and tell her how much I screw up on something. See, I told you know one wants to hear all that.

So, I will end on a HAPPY note.

My son's Thanksgiving Project was to take an ordinary picture of a turkey and disguise him so that he wouldn't be eaten for dinner.
Dane's idea:

Chef Turkey-feathers

I loved it!


  1. Your son is a cutie! I miss those school art projects, especially the holiday pieces. Love the rescued treasures! I am laughing, because we 'acquired' my brother's armchair in his divorce--it is a Queen Anne Lane chair, beautiful, but it's pink. For 5 years, we lived in a house with red carpeting. My husband wants to trash the chair but I'm keeping it--I eventually plan to fix up my bedroom and put it in there as part of a reading nook. Well, those are the plans, anyway.

    Sorry to hear about the meltdown. Believe me, I can relate. I have a great relationship with my mother, tempered with times when she hurts me more than any other person is able to do. I think it's because we are close, and she knows I will always be there. I become the dumping ground/punching bag. I found it was easiest to write her letters to explain how I feel, because she pooh-poohs everything otherwise. At least it lets me get it out of my system. It sounds like it's a bit different with you & your mother, but I am an advocate of the written word... even if it means you sit and write and then trash the letter after! Hang in there!

  2. Great finds, my husband's the same way, would he please just humor me. Sorry about your melt down and hope you're felling better and had a great TG. Dane's turkey idea is very clever!