Thursday, November 11, 2010

Veterns Day - 2010

While I do not have anyone significant in my life that is in the Military at the present time, I do have a grandfather that served in WWII and a son that is very much interested in the art of warfare. I chose the vintage postcard below because of Dane's love of eagles (which reminds me, I can't WAIT to show you what I am stitching him for Christmas!)

But I do know that the life that we lead today could very well be a lot different than what it is. And it's all because of the Few, the Proud and the Brave. Thank you, each and everyone. And thanks to the families that support these heroes.


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  1. Hi Kristal, thanks for stoppin' by the High Street Cottage, and for your delightful comment. That pie looks incredibly good, and possibly can be made as a casserole too. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Your shop looks great, mine will open after Jan. I love the little acorn tops. Thanks again, tami