Monday, January 17, 2011

Crazy January Challenge - Day 8 - 15

Here are the final projects for my Crazy January Challenge. Sorry that I don't have all of these started, I will be purchasing the patterns and fabric just as soon as I can. And I thought that being snowed in all week would offer more time to get things done, but seems that when kids and dogs can't go outside on a normal basis, Mamma gets stuck with alleviating the boredom.

Day 9

Need to order pattern and fabric

Day 10

Need to order pattern and fabric

Day 11

American Eagle

Day 12 & 13

Need to order fabrics for these two

Day 14

Not sure which one of these I'm going to do for my best it's still a little up in the air.

Day 15

A very old pattern that I have always adored, just need to purchase the fabric.


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  1. Great choices for the challenge! I love the BC Tongue Twister series. :)