Thursday, May 6, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 17

This has been an...unfinished week. I haven't felt 100%, so I cocooned, starting up the sewing machine and working on projects. And out of 5 (at last count) - only one is completed! And it wasn't even for me.


A pettiskirt that had brought me to tears today!

Dyed Coffee Filters

This one was fun. I dyed some more coffee filters. So, now that reminds me, I guess you could have I have two projects completed. This week was Teacher Appreciation Week at Dane's school. Tuesday was Flower Day, so I had Dane ask his teacher what her favorite colors were. I was already planning on the yellow and green. Luckily she like pink and green, so that was easy enough. I made her a set of pink and green flowers, found on old olive oil glass, filled with shredded paper and set it to school...without a single picture! But it did turn out cute. But, I used the last three chenille stems, so I have to wait until Mr. Hubby is off, and drag him to the craft store. Which is another reason why project #3 & #4 could not be completed.

Patchwork Pillow #1

I really don't want to show too much of these. But they are pillows. And if things go right, I'm hoping they turn out good! My first attempt at making some pillows. Long overdue.

Patchwork Pillow #2


Finally, a finished project!!

Remember all the fabric I acquired? Well, I finally had an idea for some of the smaller pieces of fabric.
And I made 6 of these boogers!

I embroidered the sides with lazy daisy stitches.
After talking with my friend that owns an Antique Store, she said she would love to have some of these in her shop, so after they were completed, off they went to Florida!

I promise, tomorrow I will edit this post and add in step-by-step instructions for making these. I still need to make one for my Mamma, she likes yellow and green (great minds think alike!). They are fairly simple, but my fingers were killing me from pushing the needle through the fabric so much! I don't have a thimble, so that would come in handy.

Well, I guess this means I will have lots to show you next week! But I have so many other things planned, I'm hoping I can get these polished off this weekend and have something new to show for next Artful Thursday!



  1. You have been delightfully creative!!

  2. can't wait to see them completed- have fun :)

  3. Hi Kristal, Just popped in to say Thanks for dropping by my blog and entering my GIVEAWAY...Tommorrow I choose the winner...Good Luck to You...You have a sweet lil daughter. I like the way she helps you.