Friday, July 23, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 26

Ever have one of those weeks, where no matter what you do, your just BEHIND?

This is my week. But the good news is that I have got alot accomplished!

Some of it small and I won't bother you with but the big thing, what I'm going to use as my Artful Thursday Project (aka Project Under Construction) is the repainting of a little side table in our living room.

Started out life looking like this. Well, actually, it started out looking better than this, but 10 years, 12 moves, 2 kids and lots of drinking glasses later, this is the current condition.

Now it looks like this!!

Can you tell I've become obsessed with Turquoise? Polly at Make Mine Beautiful informed me that it is the HOT color for 2010. Not sure if that makes me "In Style" or not. Never was one fit into the crowd, I just know what I like.

Looking lots better!

I received another package from my Mama.

She made this cute little sundress for Pickle.
Love the huge piece of eyelet lace. And she sent her some new shoes. you like the new look on the blog? I did a little "face lift". Feels a little lighter, brighter, happier to me. And I took the music away. I do love to listen to music when I'm fluttering around the house and even when I'm working in the shop or creating a blog post, but I felt like it was maybe something not everyone was fond of .
So feedback please. Like the new look, something I can do better? Let me know!
Oh, and there are some new things in the shop. Actually have to run to the post office this week to mail some items.



  1. Hi Kristal, Your table looks great, so bright and cheerful. Just one piece can change the whole room. Little Pickle is adorable!

  2. It turned out fabulous!!! Nice work!
    Your sweetie in the sundress is darling!

  3. Barn wood and a bird, what's not to love?! Your little girl is adorable in her new outfit!