Friday, July 30, 2010

Stitching The Month Away

Wow, I just can't believe how fast this month has flown by! Where, oh where, did the time go? I guess I've been so busy with all my little projects, that I just didn't realize that the days were passing so quickly!

A few of the things I have been busy with this week:

Now that I have discovered my love of cross stitch one again, and this beautiful person's blog, I have started digging out old pieces that either were started and not finished or else just not started at all. I found these older pieces of Aida cloth (sorry again for no "before" pictures. I get so dang excited about doing something, I don't even think about taking pictures until after all is said and done).

The pieces in the background were originally white, and the yellow pieces were very bright. Now, I just love the look of them. I'm thinking about stitching a Fall/Halloween piece on one of the yellows and maybe something patriotic for Dane on the blue piece.

The two smaller pieces were stitched in the corresponding years: 1994 & 1996. The piece in the background I just started a few weeks ago. I added the place that we are currently living and the current year. And that has sparked a whole new idea for me. More on that later ;0)

BTW, do you like the twine hanger on the ark one? Still debating if I like it, that's why I haven't stuffed it yet....Opinions please!

And finally, more patterns to stitch! I purchased the two in the back and Hannah Skinner from Kathy at Carriage House Samplings. The little angel was a snag off Ebay.
Kathy is closing the doors of Carriage House and I didn't want to be left without some of her amazing patterns!

So, how has your July been ~ Busy too? Hope your having fun!


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