Thursday, July 1, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 23

Sorry I didn't get to post anything for last week's Artful Thursday, I was so tied up with attempting to get everything ready for The Mad Tea Jamboree! Thanks so all of you who stopped by and enjoyed some good food and entertainment. I'm STILL trying to make my way through the long-list of party-goers. There were so many wonderful parties to go to this year. And of course, the Queen herself, Ms Vanessa, truly out-did herself! She is an amazing woman with an endless supply of imagination!
Unfortunately, she is has had some very heart-breaking news and I do send her my most heart-felt condolences at this time....

This week's Artful Thursday project is more of an Upcycled Project. I purchased this red and white striped tank top from the thrift store. I'm not a big tank wearer, but this was a long one that came well below my waist, and with the heat we've been having, I had already worn it a couple of times.

But it need something...

Using some chiffon I had leftover from making pettiskirts, I made about 2 dozen fabric flowers. You can see these, and these. For mine, I cut my stripes various lengths anywhere from 9 inches to 14 inches and as I was twisting them, I stitched them into place because I wasn't sure how well glue would hold up after a few washings. If you look close at the picture above, you can see the stitches on the flower.

Then I just started hand sewing the flowers onto the shirt. I will say that I started, didn't like my placement, ripped it out, started again, ripped it out and finally on the third try, I think I got it.

We went to a car show on Saturday and I wore it.
I enjoyed it, but I'm still wondering if I should add a few more flowers,

maybe hit the 3 dozen mark...or is this enough?

AND...if I was 20 years younger...and didn't think I would kill myself, I would love to wear these with it!

Thanks for visiting today!!


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