Thursday, July 8, 2010

(Not Too) Artful Thursday ~ Week 24

I really don't have too much for this week. Well, actually, I have a lot "In Progress" but only one thing I can show that is completed. I know there are a lot of the Artful Thursday people who show lots of cool tutorials for great things to make,but I've just about made up my mind that I will use this weekly art session for my 100 & 1 million projects that are on my To Do List. I hope you will bear with me as I wander through my list this year, hoping to get some of these PUC's (Projects Under Construction) completed!

I've wanted to have a little cross stitched piece to go with each season, and with Independence day this past week, I finally got something completed for it.

I've always collected old pictures frames from yard sales and thrift stores. This one was a weird orange color

After a few coats of two different colors of red, and some matte clear spray, I was happy with the results.

And I was tickled with how my little piece turned out!

I think it made a wonderful addition to my entryway, along with my beautiful picture from my sweet friend Tracey.

And now for all the things that got started this week, but not finished:

Another cross stitch piece, think it might become a pillow

Still working on these pillows

And I had high hopes for some summer lesson plans with Dane,

This one took us 4 weeks to complete! (Bad Mama!)

And another secret project in the works....

Thanks for stopping by and looking at all my mess!!



  1. I feel you - my artful thursday tutorials are not exactly panning out - so I feel your pain. But this frame and the cross stitch are the most amazing - what a great combination.


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