Thursday, February 11, 2010

Artful Thursday Week 6

Like most of my project's for this event, this has been a long time in the making. And this is why I'm so grateful to Julie for hosting this wonderful event!!

This week, I will be framing a cross stitch piece that I had completed in 2006. This is actually part of a series entitled "Tongue Twisters" by the Trilogy. There is Pumpkin Pete, Sal, Stanley and Beatrice. I have Beatrice, and spent the better part of yesterday looking for her, but I guess she just shy...couldn't find her anywhere!! So, only Pumpkin Pete will be getting framed!!

For this piece, I had found a really nice frame that fit, but as usual, I felt like it could use a spruce up. So I pulled out some paints, and got to work. Other than painting the frame, there were not too many supplies needed for this project.

Just the Stitching, the frame and some making tape. And a LOT of patience!!

A note on cross stitching. It's nice to have the back of your piece to look just as good as the front!!

I measures around the edges and then starting on one side, I taped down an edge. And then started slowly pulling the length, until I got to an edge. I would then tape that down and start on another side.

The main thing to look for on this type of fabric, is that the edge aline with a row of the fabric. And it's easier said than done!!!! LOL!!

Finally, after a good hour of pulling, tugging and a few choice cuss words thrown in for good measure, my frame was dry and Pumpkin Pete was ready for his new home!

I used some brown, cream, orange and dark blue to highlight the frame. Then for the last coat, I did a thin wash of a metallic Bordeaux.

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Love how it turned out!!
I can't wait to finish this series. I have had an idea in my head for awhile of getting a great shelf that I can decorate for each holiday/season and have a spot on the wall to hang each one of these. That way I can change each one out with out having to hammer in new nail holes. But with us moving so much lately, this whole concept has been put on hold. But I think now I will at least finish off stitching up all the series and getting them framed.

Thanks for joining me for another Artful Thursday. And be sure to stop by Julie's blog and check out the other participants for this week!

And in case any of you missed it, a few post belong is my One World, One Heart giveaway. If you haven't entered, be sure to leave a comment on THAT post and I'll be sure to enter your name for my giveaway!

♥ Happy Artful Thursday ♥


  1. Kristal thank you for the sweet words of condolence that you left my way- so kind of you and truly they warmed my sad heart.

    love your stitchery it looks awesome framed.

  2. Very sweet indeed...I just love the whole design, and framed up it looks so professional and finished! It's going to look so great all hung up...

  3. Kristal, the cross stitch is so fun. I love Halloween, and that guys is cute. Isn't it nice to finish a project...even if it takes a few years. :)

  4. Nice job! And so great that you got to finish something. I'm looking forward to future Artful Thursday projects and getting lots done this year.