Thursday, February 18, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 7

February is a busy month for us when it comes to birthdays. First there is Hubby's on the 12th, then Dane's is the 21st and finally Gracyn on the 28th. And then there is Valentine's Day, so lots of fun stuff for the month.

Due to our gypsy wandering and not staying in any one place very long, we usually only make one or two good friends in each place. So I don't usually plan a big birthday party for the kids unless we can make plans to go back home to Mobile, where all of our family and life-long friends are. But Hubby has to work all week, so we'll be celebrating the kids' birthdays here. I got the crazy notion that I wanted to have a "Carnival" style party, but since I can't afford to rent a ferris wheel nor an elephant, I thought I might just pull some of those colors together: Red, yellow and blue. I'm still keeping the "Carnival" idea in my head...who knows, I might turn rich one day and even be able to afford to buy my own carousal :0)
Since I have been smitten with the crepe paper bug, it was my first medium. I started wanting to make a birthday banner. I started working on this a few days ago and don't have any before pictures, but I will go back and take some better ones. Basically, I ruffled a larger piece of the blue slightly, then ruffled the red a little more and finally ruffled the yellow a lot and glued it all together to make the banner. Then I spent more days agonizing over have to print out large letters to spell out the words. When I finally figured out how to do that on the photo editing software, I hand cut all the letters and using curling ribbon, taped them to the back of the banner.

Final results

Somebody is ALWAYS gotta be in the picture!!

Another fun thing I wanted to make were party hats. I had seen some beautiful one's on Etsy, but money was running a browse through party hat templates on Google was all it took to find two good ones.

Then an old cereal box...

I discovered after the third one, if you line the folding tab of the pattern onto one of the folded edges of the box, it makes life a little easier.

I didn't get a picture, but once my template was cut out of the cereal box, I used wrapping paper to cover each one.

Then it was back to the crepe paper. I started cutting fringe to add along the bottom of the hats and at the top. Glue, glue, glue...

I know present you with four adorable party hats like no one else!!

I can hardly wait until Dane's birthday. He has always wanted a pinata, and I saw a cute one at the Dollar Store. So we'll do that.

I still haven't attached the string to tie them to our heads, I'll get that tomorrow. He'll be home from school soon and I have to go hide all the evidence!!

I'll be sure to take LOTS of pictures at his party! I might even get a few more little things's like once you start, you just can't stop!! LOL!!

Happy Artful Thursday!!!


  1. Oh my! All the crepe goodness...I'm telling you, it's all just darling! I can't wait to see the whole family in the hats, and I'm thinking that you will love them SO much that you will wear them all the time. Yes. I can see it now...

  2. hey thanks for sharing - love the hats. Dont'cha just adore crepe paper. I have some that I used to make wands. Love the stuff and the older the better.

    if you have time come by and see my artful thursday project this week.


  3. I love, love that banner! The hats are to cute. I love making parties memorable and special. Your cute crafts will make this party awesome.

  4. Great projects- I love the banner- the party hat is pretty dang cute too!

  5. Those are the prettiest hats! And the banner is great, too. I love it that you made the hats out of cereal boxes.

  6. Hi Kristal, I received my ornament today! it's darling. thank you for sending it out so quickly. it turned out beautiful.