Monday, February 22, 2010

He's Finally 7 Years Old

Dane has been so excited about turning 7 this year. I suppose I was the same way...until I turned 37, and then I wanted them to stop!!

I had posted about the handmade Birthday banner and party hats I made. And those are about the only pictures I got besides these few!! Charlie had to work so our party didn't start until late, and since I was home all day, I really couldn't do much decorating without Dane seeing it. So between trying to bake a cake (which I never do, I do cupcakes, but Birthday Boy wanted a cake!) trying to get 3 pizzas in the oven when only two would fit and trying to hang the banner and get the hats out WITHOUT him seeing me was a treat in itself! But Charlie helped me out and when it was finally time to say "It's Time!" well, things just kinda took off! He had a friend from next door over and between the three kids eating and tearing into presents, my little camera sat all alone on the kitchen counter. I think when I was on my 10th piece of cake did I think about taking pictures!!! So today, I made Dane and Gracyn put their party hats on so I could get a picture of them!!

I did get to pull a good prank on Dane though. We let him pick out what he wanted this year so he knew what he was getting. But I wanted to make it a little more I took all the Legos out of their original boxes...

and put all the pieces in these! No, we really don't eat THIS much Bisquick, but I do save boxes as those of you who won my OWOH giveaway might have already gathered~LOL!!!

I filled the original boxes up with filler paper and let him open them all up. He neighbor friend was even a little confused. We had a good old time going off on Wal-Mart, saying we were never going to buy toys from there again, it was a rip-off!! Finally, Challie asked Dane to help him make some pancakes. Poor Dane didn't want to help, but we finally got him to open up the Bisquick boxes!! He was so happy to find his Legos. I woke up this morning to find him asleep with the Legos in bed with him!

Now we get to do it all over again this Sunday for this little sweet thing. She'll be turning 2!!!

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  1. Happy Birthday! Seven is so fun, isn't it? I don't remember all of seven, but I do observe seven when it's around me, and it's truly fun!! Cheers to a great seventh year and all the Legos it will bring!