Monday, February 15, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

We have winners!! I had already planned on giving out more than one prize, so we will be having a Grand Prize of the "Queen of the Day" and three winners for one of my paper Medallions.

And the winner of the "Queen of the Day" is....


Congratulations Barbara!!

And the three Medallions will go to these lucky people:
1. Red at Red's Artist Cottage
2. Jennifer Pearson Vanier
3. Diana at Adventuring Through Life

I have sent emails to each of you, but I am posting this here just in case.

And I would like to say a H-U-G-E Thank you to Lisa for hosting this. I can only imagine the headache it must be. But most of all, I would love to give each and every one of you who stopped by my blog and left a sweet comment a big ole hug!! I have attempted to return comments and follow blogs, and will continue to do so until I make it through the whole list. Blogging is truly a rewarding experience and I would like to let each of you know who much it means to me when one of you stops by and leaves a comment. Thanks to each and every one of you!!!!

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