Thursday, February 4, 2010

Artful Thursday

For anyone who visited my old blog, Bella Grace, I made a post about working on Pettiskirts. Unfortunately, I had purchased the wrong kind of fabric, and although it looked okay in the pictures, it wasn't not something I would have let the little one walk out of the house in! It was HORRIBLE!!! I was determined to make one that she could wear out, as I had falling hopelessly in love with the skirts. So, with a purchase of the correct fabric, I started over. And after a lot of trial and error, I completed the skirt. But was missing one last part...the adjustable waist. Since I am not a seamstress, this little detail threw me into a fit of chaos. My Mamma is the seamstress, but since she had yet to view the skirts, she could only offer a little advice. She was still thoroughly complexed by the y-a-r-d-s and y-a-r-d-s of ruffles. I was on my own.

On Wednesday, My sweet Hubby & I took a road trip to a town just North of us that has a huge fabric store. What should have been a quick trip turned into a few hours wandering the roads and taking some really great pictures (another post!)

I explained to the clerks in the fabric store and they really didn't have an exact answer either, but I purchased the elastic and buttons. And sat down yesterday and experimented. And had my hand ruler with me for a gentle reminder...

After one mistake... then two... then three...and a few more throw in...I made an Adjustable Waistband for my new Pettiskirt!!!

(Please forgive the fact the Gracyn is wearing her pj top, it's been cold and raining and we were being lazy!)

I just L-O-V-E the ruffles!!

And someone started getting tired...

Sweet little toes!

Thank you for joining me for Artful Thursday...even though I'm a day late!!!


  1. Woot! KNOW how I adore crinolines...I have changed my link and URL to you at Foolsewoode...and I'm so excited to see all the fun you come up with over here!

  2. Love this skirt! I love all the tons of ruffles, and I know my girls would have loved one of these when they were little, too.
    It's great that you had the perseverance and determination to get this done right - Artful Thursdays look like they're going to be very productive!

  3. And she looks just darling in all those wonderful ruffles!!!