Thursday, June 3, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 20

I'm so happy!
I have finally made my first reconstructed outfit!!

It all started when I went to the thrift store last week. I saw a really cute tank top but the size tag was cut out. Glancing at it, it looked it might fit, so I threw it into my basket. However, once I got home, this baby wasn't gonna fit this Mamma!! But I just loved the eyelet fabric and lace and the color. Then, I got an Idea!! So I slipped it over Gracyn's head, and the beginnings of my first attempt at reconstruction began!!

I'll admit, there really wasn't a lot to do. Here is the tank, prior to reconstruction. I removed both shoulder straps and after adjusting it on Gracyn, I pinned the sides and sewed new seams. Then I trimmed away the extra fabric & zigzagged the edges.

Originally I had wanted to sew the two shoulder straps back where they were, but after taking a good long shower (where all my Best Ideas come from!) I decided to sew them side by side in the front and have them tie around the neck.

There is still a zipper along the back, but you can hardly tell.

And Sweet Girl has a new Summer Dress!

Next is to make a cute floppy hat to complete the outfit ( oh, and shoes...gotta have new shoes!)

Happy Thursday!!



  1. What a clever idea - and what a great colour for her! Gracyn is an unusual name (at least to me) but I really like it - pretty but different. I like to sew but hate mending, altering or having anything to do with something that needs to fit a body - you make it sound so easy... and it's really cute!

  2. sweet project- she looks adorable.

  3. GREAT dress- So clever!!!
    omg- she is sooooooooo cute. I just WUV those cheeks! sign of a happy, healthy baby! *she'd probably swat me if i pinched them, huh?* :o)