Thursday, June 17, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 21

Hello! And welcome to another week of Artful Thursday. Just a reminder to check out Julie's blog and all the other wonderful chicks who participate in this weekly event. I'm sure you'll find something to spark your imagination and get you creating!

This week, I wanted to make tissue pom poms. But I ended up with tissue flowers. But I'm still happy!

Because I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do, I purchased the large package of tissue paper - 100 sheets, assorted colors. After opening it up, I realized that some of the colors were graduated, so instead of using just one color of yellow...I got to use three shades. And I loved how it turned out!

Most of the instructions I found said to use 8 sheets...I used 6. Three of each shade.

I marked off 1.5 inches twice. This was just enough to get me folding. Start folding accordion style.

Another thing all the other instructions said to use was a bone folder. I don't have one, so I used a trusty old ruler. After every other fold, run the ruler down the fold to make it crisp.

Your tissue paper will end up looking like this.

Then find the middle ( my sheets were 20"X24", so my middle was 10")

For those of you that have kidd-os, you will know all about these silver twist ties that come with the toys. I always save them. Now they come in handy to tie off the center of the tissue paper. I also left enough to create a loop, for hanging.

Once you are done folding and tying off the middle, trim the ends into either a curved, petal shape or a pointed shape.

Then came the hardest part for me. Unfolding the sheets. I never did get mine to look like a circle, but then once I made the first one, I keep doing the same thing. I think if you fold half in one direction and the other half in the opposite, you will have a fuller pom pom.

Mine ended up looking more like giant flowers, and I loved it that way!!

I got a little happy making these!!

And because I taught my son well, he sees opportunities in everything.

He saw the leftovers from the ends...

and made this!!
Isn't he a clever Leaver!!

Hope you have enjoyed this week's project. I know I did ~ LOL!!


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