Saturday, June 12, 2010

Mama's Have the Best Junk

Wanted to show off a couple of great finds I snagged a few weeks ago at the Thrift Store. For the summer, they are having a sale on clothing-a shopping basket for $3. With that being the first thing on my mind, I almost missed these lucky finds because I was so focused on clothing. At the last minute, I decided to take a quick look by the sheets and stuff. And there, laying on the floor, was this great old quilt!!

I knew I was low on cash (this place doesn't take debit cards) and I was worried about the price. I was thinking in my head that it would be around $10 or such.

Now, this is not in the best of shape, some of the fabric has pulled apart, but the overall quilt is still intact.

When I finally got the checkout, the saleslady wanted to see the back of the quilt. Then she told me her price:

Oh, I was so happy! I also picked up a little baby quilt. It is in a lot better condition.

And it was $1.00. Still a great find!

Then a few days ago, my Mama surprised me with a package in the mail. She sent two of my dolls.

Aren't Mama's the Best?

Meet Holly Hobbie and Vanie Mae (Vanie Mae said the most shockin' things!) That's what written on the tag attached to her underpants!!

Did you find any great things this week? I'd love to hear about it!



  1. No finds this week but lucky you - I never find quilts at our thrift stores. What a bargain you got! Wonderful!

  2. YEAH! I sooo had one of those Holly Hobbie(s) when i was a girl!! you just sent me whirling back to a 5 year old girl, trotting hand in hand with Holly every where i went! (Hey! it wasn't THAT long ago.... HA. welll. ok. :O)
    great share! great find! and kuddos to momma for hanging on to your dollies!

  3. You scored big time on your blankie Kristal! I love thriftng so much. You just NEVER know!!!
    Also, especially like your little black doll!!


  4. Wow, you are an excellent junker. I have really enjoyed reading your blog...especially your craft projects with your son...the banner and your button and coffee paper filter flowers. Great looking recipes, too!It is a rainy day in Minnesota and I am blog-hopping by looking at my friend's lists...I hope that is legal!

    My daughter and I have a newish blog and do repurposed jewelry. We have been doing jewelry together for about fifteen years...from the time we could barely talk to each other (she was fifteen). Our blog is about a lot of things plus jewelry. I also love working with paper...she loves fashion. If you would like, I would love to have you come and visit. We just got a new header today and I am thrilled about that!