Thursday, June 10, 2010

Artful Thursday ~ Week 21

Now that Dane is out of school for the Summer, I've been trying to come up with things to use for Artful Thursday Projects that he could help me with. And ideas that don't cost a fortune!!

Finding some inspiration here, I think I got an A+ with this one!

Using those pesky subscription cards that fall out of magazines,

we sat down at the kitchen table and started painting them.

Using some ordinary supplies (foam stamps, toilet paper tube, rock candy stick and the roll from cash register tape dispenser...

we started decorating.

Now, here I had a few thoughts. Depending on where and how you'll be using these, I chose to use some twine to hang these with since they were going in the Guest Bathroom and this fits the decor. But I am working on another set for my kitchen and will be using either ribbon or sewing them on the sewing machine. Whatever the case may be, Be Creative...

And here it is, hanging over the vintage wine crate I painted here.

Inside the box are vintage glass colored bottles,

a vintage Avon bottle, seashells, and these little cups.

I know I always say that each project was lots of fun, but I really mean it this week. I have two more banners in the making plus another one I'm starting today to make for my Mama! She has a dark mantel that she's always looking for something to hang around it to brighten it up. And having her grandkids helping is sure to be an extra special treat!


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